Lobby Public Area

The hotel lobby is designed with Lingnan elements on the basis of a simple new Chinese style  reflects the humanistic characteristics and temperament of Guangdong. The interior decoration is based on the theme of "clouds, mountains, pearls, water, land of fish and rice", passing through the bronze entrance pillars that refer to the decorative textures of the "reverse pattern" and "cloud pattern" of the Nanyue Palace, entering the lobby, the ceiling is a simple winding curve, and the light is back. On the floor marble material, a simple river shape representing the Pearl River is formed, implying that the Pearl River has a long history from west to east.

The closed ceiling of the atrium is opened and two floors are hollowed out, making the entire space break the original closed pattern and become more magnificent and magnificent. It is surrounded by gold thread carved stone murals elaborately designed by artists from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts-"Mingshan" Sentimental South China Sea Tide", originated from the front Nanling (South Guangdong Wuling, Beijiang), the four famous mountains (Danxia Mountain, Luofu Mountain, Xiqiao Mountain, Dinghu Mountain) on the east and west sides, and the South China Sea tide on the south, implying the pragmatic and openness of Guangdong Spiritual temperament. In the center of the atrium ceiling is a crystal chandelier with a golden base imitating the Chaozhou golden wood carving "magpie climbing the plum". On the west side is an artwork cabinet decorated with high-tech 4K high-definition LED interactive transparent screens, which not only display Guangdong intangible cultural heritage artwork, but also display videos of Guangdong’s new appearance and Lingnan culture with high-tech imaging technology; the background of the lounge area on the east side , On the other hand, is the woodcarving "Dragon Boat Race" donated by Dongguan City, symbolizing the courage and responsibility of Guangdong to reform and innovate based on inheriting fine cultural traditions, and strive to be the first. Behind the reception desk, the theme lacquer painting "Yunshan Kapok, Red Pearl Water and Silver Waves" jointly created by a team of famous artists jumps out a touch of bright color in the elegant decoration of the atrium. Therefore, the famous mountains in Lingnan, the tidal waves of the South China Sea, and the meandering pearl water in the entrance vestibule form an integrated landscape with backing mountains and flowing water in front, creating a good atmosphere for the entire building.