Beijing Guangdong Hotel (White Swan Guest House) organizes emergency response drills for epidemic prevention and control

PubDate:2021-11-17   Author:   Views:235

In order to do a solid job in the prevention and control of the epidemic in Beijing Guangdong Building, and to comprehensively improve the organization and coordination of the building's epidemic prevention and control and emergency response capabilities, on the morning of November 17, Beijing Guangdong Building organized an emergency response drill for epidemic prevention and control. Ye Lifang, party branch secretary and general manager of the building, attended the exercise as the commander-in-chief.

Before the drill, Ye Lifang pointed out that the building should strive to use drills to promote actual combat in this epidemic prevention and control exercise, test the scientificity and operability of the building's prevention and control plan, and build a safety net for epidemic prevention and control in response to possible emergencies. Make full preparations for the outbreak of the epidemic.

The exercise is based on the assumption that the guest has suspected symptoms of the new crown epidemic pneumonia, and the simulation includes a series of treatment measures such as discovery, reporting, transfer, isolation, killing, and transfer. In accordance with the emergency plan, all the participating personnel achieved a clear division of labor, rapid response and orderly.

After the drill, Ye Lifang emphasized that all employees of the building must continue to improve their political positions, attach great importance to their ideology, fully realize the importance, urgency and arduousness of epidemic prevention and control, and realize the emergency response plan for epidemic prevention and control in the building. Scientification, standardization and proceduralization; the second is to wear armor, beat and exercise, take this exercise as an opportunity, carefully summarize the exercise experience, find out the existing problems and shortcomings, and control the site, isolate and observe, referral, and finally Disinfection, public opinion guidance and other tasks are more detailed and more practical, starting with "preparedness" and "strengthening the emergency mechanism" to further improve the emergency plan; third, we must persevere and constantly grasp. Drills are a means to improve the emergency response capabilities of buildings. The ultimate goal is to prevent and control the epidemic. Various departments must strengthen coordination and cooperation, layer responsibilities, strengthen joint prevention and control, and establish "safety without hidden dangers." The concept of building a strong fortress of epidemic prevention and control in the building, effectively guaranteeing the physical and mental health of employees and guests, and escorting the high-quality operation and development of the building.

Through this emergency drill for epidemic prevention and control, the staff of the building experienced the emergency response process for epidemic prevention and control firsthand, further improved the emergency response capability of the epidemic, and successfully completed the drill task.

The leadership team of the building and relevant employees of various departments participated in the event.