Beijing Guangdong Building organizes 2021 fire safety emergency drill

PubDate:2021-11-09   Author:   Views:217

In order to do a good job of fire safety work, enhance fire safety awareness, and implement the fire safety work plan of "prevention first, prevention and fire combined", on the afternoon of November 9, Beijing Guangdong Plaza organized the 2021 fire safety emergency drill. Jia Shen, deputy general manager of the building, presided over the exercise, and employees of various rental units participated in the exercise.

Before the start of the event, Jia Shen made a mobilization speech, pointing out that November this year is the seventh "Fire Propaganda Month" in the country. All employees are required to further improve their ideological and political positions and firmly establish the safety concept of "hidden danger is an accident". It is necessary to take advantage of this fire drill to earnestly study fire safety knowledge, improve fire safety knowledge and emergency response capabilities; second, to implement a safety production responsibility system for all employees, and management personnel at all levels should further clarify their own safety production responsibilities and improve Consciousness and initiative to perform due diligence; the third is to increase the frequency of various fire safety training and drills, check the actual operation ability of the safety production plan, firmly grasp the fire safety disposal process, and effectively improve the fire safety treatment ability; It is that employees at all levels must consolidate the main responsibilities of production safety, and earnestly implement the dual responsibilities of one post, so as to form a good situation of co-management.

Through this fire safety emergency drill, the building employees personally experienced the emergency escape process of the fire safety accident site, mastered the fire extinguishing operation process of the fire extinguisher, and further improved the building employees’ fire escape emergency handling capabilities and fire-fighting equipment use skills, and also inspected the building’s fire protection The practicability and operability of the safety emergency plan successfully completed the drill task.

The leadership team of the building, employees from various departments and various rental units participated in the event.