Beijing Guangdong Hotel organizes the promotion of the new "Safety Production Law"

PubDate:2021-11-25   Author:   Views:244

In order to thoroughly study and implement the new "Safety Production Law", firmly establish the concept of safety development, adhere to safety first, prevention first, and prevent and resolve major safety risks from the source, on the morning of November 23, Beijing Guangdong Building organized the launch of the new "Safety Production Law" "Law popularization conference. Ye Lifang, party branch secretary and general manager of the building, gave a special lecture.

Based on the actual situation of the building, the meeting carefully studied the new safety production law from ten aspects.

Ms. Ye Lifang emphasized that first, people at all levels of the building must further improve their political positions, firmly establish a safety red line awareness, strengthen safety responsibility, and earnestly implement the unified deployment and overall requirements of the building's safety production work, so as to perform their duties; It is to consolidate the main responsibility and establish a responsibility system for all employees. According to the leadership of the building, the middle level of the department, and the level of employees, the safety responsibilities should be consolidated from the top to the bottom to form a closed-loop chain of safety supervision; third, all departments should actively cooperate with the safety protection department Carry out safety production work, do a good job in publicity, training, and eliminate hidden dangers, and form a dual prevention mechanism; fourth, the building, as the image window of the provincial party committee and government in Beijing, must take into account the dual development of safety and operation, and it must be out-and-out. Implement safety production responsibilities, and implement strategic measures and work requirements in detail in conjunction with the three-year action plan for the reform of state-owned enterprises.

The leadership team of the building and relevant personnel from various departments attended the meeting.