Shanquan Cantonese Banquet

Shanquan Cantonese banquet "Heaven descends nectar and dews the earth, the earth springs the spring to nurture civilization". What you see before everyone is the Cantonese opera stage-Wanfutai, which is borrowed from the Ancestral Temple of Foshan, a famous historical and cultural city in Guangdong. Above the canopy in front of Wanfutai, the four seasons change, and the sky changes constantly. In the middle is the traditional feng shui pattern of "four waters returning to the house". The nectar descends from the sky to form a pool, attracting cranes to wash their feathers, showing the elegant Lingnan courtyard scenery. Go through here and enter the box area. There are a total of 15 boxes of different sizes, mainly serving Cantonese dishes such as grilled goose, Cantonese-style refreshments, fresh seafood, nourishing soup, etc. The whole aisle is decorated with leisurely greenery and full of vitality. The designs of Shiwan dolls, Guangcai and Guang embroidery all show Lingnan characteristics and strong Lingnan atmosphere.

Looking back at the “Shanquan Cantonese Banquet” restaurant, you can see the wall decoration of Su Shi’s famous poem “Three hundred lychees in a day, you will be a Lingnanese”. Entering the lobby, under the lights implying “Shuanglong going to sea”, the sun shines on the provincial capital of Guangdong. Guangzhou’s new central axis has a sweeping view of the river. Opposite it is Chairman Mao Zedong’s return to Mr. Liu Yazi’s famous poem "Qilu and Mr. Liu Yazi". The calligraphy of "Drinking tea and Yuehai cannot be forgotten, Suoju Yuzhou Yezhenghuang" all highlights Lingnan. People are calm and tolerant, low-key hard work, generous and open-minded.