The predecessor of Beijing GUANG DONG HOTEL is the Lingnan Hotel. It was completed and opened on June 8, 1990. It will complete the comprehensive safety upgrade and transformation according to the four-star standard from 2020 to 2021. The decoration theme is "Yunshan Zhushui, Land of Fish and Rice", simple atmosphere and environmental protection. Energy-saving, with profound Lingnan cultural taste and service beyond expectation, we are committed to building the elegant land of the capital, the home of Lingnan.

After the renovation of Beijing GUANG DONG HOTEL, it will be positioned as a domestic four-star standard government affairs business hotel, covering an area of 28,000 square meters, with a main building area of approximately 2,3012.9 square meters (including two basements).
After the renovation, it is initially planned to set up a five-storey office building (4-8 floors), including two floors of the Provincial Office in Beijing, one floor of the Provincial Letters and Calls Office, and two floors for rented office buildings.
A total of 169 guest rooms are located on floors 9-20 (including 8 luxury suites of 120 ㎡, 10 business suites of 60 ㎡, 69 standard double-bed rooms of 30 ㎡, 82 standard twin rooms of 30 ㎡, 58 ㎡ One meeting hall.
The third floor is the Beijing Office’s internal reception restaurant and the multifunctional hall of the building. The second floor is the Cantonese Chinese restaurant. The first floor is the lobby, coffee shop, lobby bar and Guanghuo shopping mall. The first floor is the parking lot. , The second basement is the building's recreational space, computer room and logistics space.

Figure of Beijing Guangdong Building: it means Zhushui, Yunshan and land of fish and rice.
Water ripple: it gives people a sense of warmth, comfort and softness of the Pearl River water. The flowing water brings the convergence of wealth and talents.
Curved lines: like Baiyun Mountain, light mist, ethereal floating in the mountains.
Jumping fish: it means vigorous and upward, based on the land of fish and rice, and showing the style of Guangdong in Beijing.
Up and down into a circle: it represents tolerance, harmony and auspiciousness.

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